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Photos from the 1950's

  • For an excellent group of photos of the late 1950's era submitted by Dave Melchior, click here.

  • Lt. Tom Lapham and Cpl. Mac McCarty with Colorguard
    (l-r) John Malone, Stahlman, Gene Ledford and Dick Quantrell

    (Item submitted by Mac McCarty)

    Can you believe this?

    In 1956, Col. Williams turned the parade deck into an obstacle course . . .

    Preparing to go "over the top" race (Joe Larkin squatting)

    An "over the top" race (Joe Larkin kneeling at left)

    SNCO Mess Night with Commandant Pate and Col. Chapman

    President and Mrs. Eisenhower honoring the top seniors of the
    four military academies in 1957. SSgt Joe Larkin with Presidential colors.

    (Items submitted by Joe Larkin)

    Did you know there was a Drill Team jacket in the 1950's?

    Photos of the jacket, as well as other interesting photos of the 1950's
    have been submitted by Joe Laurenzo, and they can be seen by clicking here.

    Drill Team - December 5, 1952

    For a most interesting series of photos submitted by Wayne Pilny, which include
    photos of the 1952-53 Drill Team, as well as various photos of the Barracks as
    they appeared at that time, click here.

    1955 Color Guard
    l. to r. - Don Usry, Sgt Roberson, Chuck Cox, Tony Caudill
    (Submitted by Don Usry)

    (Photos submitted by Joe Mryncza)

    1st Lt. J.W. "Bill" Brown leads the 1st Plt. CGC in the "Pass in Review"
    at a Sunset Parade in 1957

    (Item submitted by Jack Badyna)

    3rd Plt CGC Silent Drill Team practicing 2 Man Rifle Exchange in April, 1956

    (Item submitted by Ralph Reimers)

    2nd Platoon: One of four Silent Drill platoons - 1957
    (notice the 1903 Springfield rifles)

    2nd Plt CGC in 1956, led by 1st Lt Richard M. Foster,
    who was instrumental in the addition of the rifle inspection
    as a part of the silent drill performance in 1957

    Sgt. Ben Juneau performs rifle inspection with Pfc Thompson on Gary Moore TV show in New York - 1957

    Ben Juneau being congratulated by Barracks CO (later Commandant) Col. Leonard F. Chapman

    Ben Juneau in conversation with President Eisenhower

    (Items submitted by Ben Juneau)

    4th platoon in training in January, 1959
    John Evans in left foreground. Robert Job is directly across from John Evans

    Sgt. Croghan shows how it's done

    (Items submitted by John Evans)

    1st Plt. CGC performs in early Spring parade in 1958

    1st Lt. Dick Noll leads the 1st Plt. CGC in the "Pass in Review" in 1958
    (Items submitted by Bob Flick)

    Dan Grady ('53-'54) being inspected by 1st Lt. Francis X. Quinn

    CGC CO, Lt. F. X. Quinn and D&B Drum Major W. O. Nickell being interviewed
    (above items submitted by Dan Grady)

    "Morale booster" ceremony at Parris Island following the Ribbon Creek incident.
    (Photo submitted by Gerry Hepp)



    Some history of the Corps. for those interested. One I found of special interest was the article about Ribbon Creek. Click on it and get the story. Very interesting.

    I was in Boot Camp, Platoon 80, at the time this event happened at Ribbon Creek, and remember it very well. I was firing on the rifle range and Ribbon Creek ran directly behind the butts. (Targets for you civilians) We had to quit firing for two days while they recovered the bodies and examined the situation. I remember the DI's would say to us many times after that situation occurred. "If you Pu---ies (girls) don't shape up, I'll take you out and drowned your young a--es." You know what? We believed him. (Cleaned up for the tender ears/eyes of those that have not experienced the wrath of a DI.)

    Semper Fi, Bill


    10-23-15 ... The 2nd Platoon, Ceremonial Guard Company (Drill Team) was sent to Parris Island in the summer of 1956. Our stated purpose was to perform the Drill and improve recruit morale. We drilled main side and at the rifle range. I don't know if we actually helped but we did irritate the DIs because of our short trousers, sea-going dips and double soled, cleated shoes. It was after this incident that the Campaign Hat and Leather belt was reinstated to build DI morale.

    Semper FI, Ron "Mustang" Burton, Captain, USMC (Ret), 8th & I, Barracks Detachment / Ceremonial Guard Company, 2nd & 4th Platoons (Drill Teams), 1955-1959, Vietnam veteran (Delta 1/3, 1966-67), Oceanside, CA

    The 2nd plt CGC in formation at the Parris Island "Morale booster"
    (1stLt. Gerry Hepp in command).

    The 2nd plt CGC passing in review at an afternoon parade in 1955.

    An afternoon parade in 1955. Notice the baseball diamond
    laid out on the parade deck in front of Center House.

    (Items above submitted by John Dearth)

    The Second Platoon carrying Sen. Joseph McCarthy up the U.S. Capitol Steps - 1957

    The Second Platoon travels to join President Eisenhower at Newport, R.I in 1957
    Sgt. Glenn Tait (uncovered) with Graham, Albright and Gerry Kane

    (Above items submitted by Joe Ruszkowski)

    The Color Guard:

    1959: (l - r) John Malone, Glenn Tait, Robbie Robinson and Dick Quantril

    1959: Pentagon Ceremony
    (l-r) Herb Muller, John Malone, Dick Quantril and Paul Pepka

    1959: Arrival Ceremony at the Gun Factory
    Rifleman: Ed Finn - U.S. Colors: Dick Quantril - USMC Colors: Herb Muller

    (Photos sumitted by Herb Muller)

    The 4th platoon passes in review in an early Evening Parade in 1957,
    led by Lt. Ernest "Dick" Savoy (now deceased). The front rank (left to right)
    is Mustang Ron Burton (the right guide), Ledford, Carr, Bailey, Gaydosh and Zipadelli.

    (Photo submitted by Nick Bailey)

    3rd platoon, 1958, led by Lt. Tom Lapham (now deceased)
    at left is SSgt William Keller, Lt. Col. USMC (now deceased)
    (Submitted by Richie DelVecchio)

    Jim Sottile at the front gate - 1957

    Blackie, the beer drinking dog,
    with Jim Sottile at the front gate - 1957
    (Items submitted by Jim Sottile)

    With NFL Hall-of-Famer Bobby Layne

    (above items submitted by John Reim)

    Afternoon parade on the return from Edinburgh of 1st. plt., CGC
    (Submitted by Bill Hanley)

    (submitted by Bob Rowe)

    I came across a photo of 8th & I Marines honored to serve as honorary death watch for General Peyton C. March (Chief of Staff WWI). Taken either March 31 or April 1 or 2, 1955 @ Rinaldi's Funeral Home in NE, Washington,DC.

    I was on the detail but not in the picture. It was taken by a US Army photographer and is stamped on the back with information that has no problem using it but giving the Army credit.

    We stayed right at the funeral home from Friday PM until Monday AM. Trying to catch a few winks in addition to keeping our uniforms pressed and brass & shoes shined. We rotated with all other branches to stand watch.

    The deceased is General Peyton C. March, U.S. Army (Chief of Staff, WWI). He was 90 at the time of his death on 13 April 1955. Officer in charge is Lt. Gregory, to his left is Cpl Bill Chisholm, to his right is Cpl Olsen. I, Cpl. Hank Robson was stationed at his right foot and at his left foot is a Marine Cpl. Bailey.

    We did not have to make the funeral detail on Monday.

    Mid afternoon on Monday Col. Robert H. Williams called all five of us to his office. He had just received a call from the Commanding General at Fort Myers stating that we were the sharpest of all service branches participating in the Honorary Death Watch.

    Was he proud? You betcha!

    Included were the US Army (under his command), US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard and of course the UNITED STATES MARINES. Col. Williams told us that we could have a seventy-two hour pass any time we wanted. It was a long detail but as I look back I feel honored to be asked to participate in such an event.

    (submitted by Henry. E. Robson, Special Duty Platoon (54 - 56))

    8th & I Marine William "Mustang" Keller, Barracks Detachment and Ceremonial Guard Company, 1955-1958. It was taken at a Sunset Parade in 1956 (Bill was the Right Guide for the 3rd Platoon). NOTE MARINES: Check Bill's squared-away cover/lid. Impressive!

    (submitted by 8th & I Marine Ralph Reimers, 1956-1959)

    The above pictures (2) of the Drill Team were taken at the Iwo Memorial, Arlington, VA, on 11 May 1955. In one of those pictures, the Staff Sergeant on the left is Carl G. Osgood (deceased).

    The above pictures (2) were taken at the Iwo Memorial, Arlington, VA, Sept. 1957 and 9 Nov. 1957.

    Above pics: Pic #1 ... Capt. Ernest "Dick" Savoy (deceased). He was the Platoon Leader, 4th Platoon, Ceremonial Guard Company, during the 1957 parade season at 8th & I. Pic #2 ... Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, inspecting the troops at 8th & I. Enjoy the memories!

    NOTE: These pictures were submitted by 8th & I Marine Joe Westner, 1958-1960.

    Deep six Trash & Garbage gate ! 52/53. Notice my Ike Jacket that at that time we were still allowed to wear , I think for about another year ? we also had I think three /four platoons that lived at the BKS . Drill team members in those days did what ever was going on that day , which included funerals burials / Firing squad / Parade’s/ BKS guard duty/ Put Card table chairs out before the Friday Parade , Practice for the drill team etc.

    From left to right we are Chuck Knight , Huron Oh, --- “Howard Elgart former 8th & Eye Drill Team , Sandusky Oh”,---Bill Porter Huron Oh,--- “Wayne Pilny Port Clinton , Oh. Former 8th & Eye Drill Team. {At burial of a Marine Feb, 22. 2011 & 22 Degrees,outside}

    This is when we were in the Park with me in My Drill team jacket on and we were playing with the Bull whip and people thought it was gun shots.

    NOTE: These pictures were submitted by 8th & I Marine WAYNE PILNY, Barracks Detachment/Drill Team, 1952-1953, Port Clinton, OH.

    The picture of the Marines from 8th & I standing on the Capital steps for a United Nations event that I think was about the Korean War and United Nation countries involved in it. I remember it was a raw wet day and we stood that way for quite awhile. It is a Washington Post Photograph that we all had a chance to obtain from them.

    Submitted by Don Nickerson, 8th & I, Barracks Detachment, 1950-51, Warren, MA

    8th & I Marine Lee Miles, Ceremonial Guard Company, 1956-1958 (Died 8-31-12), Newport, RI, 1957. Lee is in the center of top photo.

    Left to right: Joe Ruszkowski, Bill McCarty, Joe Carroll, Lee Miles, Larry Kelly, Mike Butka, Jim Dawson

    NOTE: Slim waistlines and squared-away covers!

    Submitted by 8th & I Marine Joe Ruszkowski, Ceremonial Guard Company, 1956-1958, Phila., PA

    I'm the Cpl. facing the camera with the rifle in my right hand.
    We were taking a smoking break at the time. Being a "non-smoker" I had a free hand.
    Left to right are Joe Ruszkowski, Joe Carroll, Bill McCarty, Lee Miles, Larry Kelly, Bob Butka, Jim Dawson.

    Submitted by: Dave Titus, Barracks Detachment, 1953-1955, Simpsonville, SC

    NOTE: Vince Sottile, Ceremonial Guard Co., 1956-1957, is standing on the steps across from Post #1. John Maloof, Ceremonial Guard Co., mid-1950's, is on Post #1 (main gate).

    These pictures were submitted by Jim Sottile (Vince's twin brother), Ceremonial Guard Co., 1956-1957, Southbridge, MA.

    These 1958 photos of Ernie D'Eguevara (died 11-3-06) and Harry "Hoke" Kidney, Ceremonial Guard Company, 1st Platoon / Drill Team, 1957-1958, were taken in Preswick, Scotland.

    Submitted by Harry "Hoke" Kidney, C.G.C., 1st Platoon / Drill Team, 1957-58, Rome, GA

    Joe Ruszkowski 2nd platoon front gate guard Camp David 1957

    Reunion 2016 Pics

    Reunion 2016 Pics  Reunion 2016 Pics

    Late 1950'S ... George Collier sewing on his first chevron

    Reunion 2016 Pics

    Submitted by George Collier, Ceremonial Guard Company, 1st Platoon/Drill Team, 1958-1961, MacClenny, FL

    CA. 1959 ... Sgt. Gary Bennett (on left) with President Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Gary Bennett

    8TH & I MARINES .... If you can provide more information about the attached picture, e.g., name of other Marine, location where picture was taken, etc., please let us know. Thank you!

    Submitted by Sgt. Gary Bennett, Ceremonial Guard Company, 1956-1960, Korean War veteran, Greenwood, Indiana

    Reunion 2016 Pics

    3-30-18 ... This picture is of the third platoon, Ceremonial Guard Company, circa 1958 or 1959. Platoon Sgt. SSgt Ed Keller, Plt Commander was either Lt. Lapham or later on Capt. Overcash. The Company Commander was Capt. Richard Hatch, one of the finest Marines I have ever had the privilege to serve with. The Barracks Commanding Officer was Col. LF Chapman, later to become Commandant of our beloved Corps. The one tossing the rifle is Cpl. Frank McCarthy. I was the second individual to ever execute the inspection routine during the finality of the long line at the end of the drill. Sometime later, during practice, I had become used to tossing the rifle high into the air and catching it behind my seen in the photograph...At practice that day, I attempted something different, tossing the rifle from behind my back and catching it to my front. I missed the catch! In so doing, I pinned my right foot to the deck with the fixed bayonet. The rifle couldn't fall nor could I. At the hospital (Bethesda), the Navy doctor refused to believe the cause of the accident and insisted that I was a crazy Marine playing chicken with my buddies. I was selected for the Warrant Officer program in 65, commissioned a second Lt. in 66. I retired as a Major after 41 months in Nam. For the past eight years, I have served the people of the state of New Hampshire as a State Representative.

    Submitted by Frank "Mustang" McCarthy, Ceremonial Guard Company, Third Platoon/Silent Drill Platoon, 1956-1959, Vietnam veteran, retired USMC major, Conway, NH NOTE: Photo was provided by Richard Jacques, son of deceased 8th & I Marine Dick Jacques, Ceremonial Guard Company, Silent Drill Platoon, 1959-1962

    5-4-18, yes I'm in the picture. I'm third bottom right ( kneeling ). If I remember right, it was taken not too long after President Eisenhower dedicated the 100 ton statue of the IWO JIMA flag raising, Arlington, VA, November 10,1954 (I participated in that ceremony). Also, I have the picture of the dedication with all of us from the Barracks bearing the colors of the heroes of the Fifth Division that day in front of the newly dedicated statue that appeared center fold Sunday news, Feb 24,1955.

    Dick Robert's Photo

    Submitted by Richard Roberts, Barracks Detachment, 1954-1955, Bethlehem, CT

    Reunion 2016 Pics

    Ed Croghan's poem, Face of Glory

    Gen. Gerald T. Kane

    8th & I Marine Gerald T. Kane, Barracks Detachment / Ceremonial
    Guard Company, 2nd Platoon / Drill Team, 1956-1958; Died April 13, 2018

    Garolyn Cagle

    Cpl Gene Cagle at 8th & I 1954

    Garolyn Cagle

    American Legion parade Pennsylvania Ave 1954

    Garolyn Cagle

    Gene Cagle staining behind Col RH Williams , CO. Cake
    cutting ceremonies Marine Corps Birthday Ball 11/10/1954

    Garolyn Cagle

    Getting ready for sunset parade 1954

    Garolyn Cagle

    Sunset parade 8th & I 1954

    Submitted by 8th & I Marine Garolyn Cagle, Barracks Detachment, 1954-1955

    September 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Sergeant Ron Burton at America's Cup, Newport, Rhode Island

    Garolyn Cagle

    Submitted by (8-22-21) 8th & I Marine Ron "Mustang" Burton, Barracks Detachment / Ceremonial Guard Company, 1955-59 / USMC, 1952-74, Vietnam veteran, Oceanside, CA


    Richard P. Doyle

    Submitted by Patricia Doyle, widow of 8th & I Marine Richard P. "Dick" Doyle, Long Beach Island, NJ

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