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Photos from the 1990's

General Grey's retirement and passing of the battle colors.  Sgt. Keck is
carrying the National Colors and Mike Stitzel carrying the USMC colors.

Vice President Dan Quayle presenting awards to General Grey.

At the Washington National Cathedral.  Cpl. Mike Stitzel with National Colors,
LCpl Garms with USMC Colors, LCpl Hartung is right rifleman, and PFC Casto is left rifleman.

(Items submitted by Mike Stitzel)

Photos of a funeral in Arlington National Cemetery.

The 1992 Iwo Jima Parade Firing Party. In the picture are (from l - right) are LCpl MacDonald, LCpl Martula, LCpl Miller, Corporal Balducci, Corporal ?, LCpl Jervis, LCpl Schwinden and LCpl Guzman.
(Photo submitted by Mike Schwinden)

A 1992 photo of Commandant of the Marine Corps General Carl E. Mundy with the Drill Team of 1992-1993

(Identification by Steven Tomlinson)

The 1993 SDT in Ottaw Canada with the Fort Henry Guard.
The inspection team shown is Cpl Todd Carswell, Lcpl Scott, and Cpl Tim Benzinger.
(Above items submitted by Tim Benzinger)

B Company - 1993

Silent Drill Team Rehearsal - 1994

1994 Drill Team (San Diego Times Article)

(Photos submitted by Manny Salazar)

This is a picture while I was stationed at 8th & I, June 1995 to July 1997
(Submitted by Robert Perez, MCI Co., 1995-1997)

1992 USMC Birthday Ball in Washington DC. From left to right in the picture (looking at picture) 8th & I Guard Detachment - WHCA Guard Members
Far left, Me(Brad Griffin), Ben Martin, General Mundy, To the Right of General Mundy, Tom Ellis, Brian Bishop

Semper Fi, Brad Griffin

1992 B Company, 2nd Platoon

Submitted by Cpl Kevin Metcalf yrs 1990 - 1992

While working as a West Wing Sentry at the White House from 90-91 I had this picture taken with George Burns.

Submitted by Donald A. Szarmach, 8th & I, MCI Company and West Wing Sentry at the White House (90-91) 1988-1992, Somerset, Pa

Was taken near the flag pole in the fall of 1997. I'm on the right standing with Sgt. Gray. We were giving a tour at the time.

Todd White, Guard Company & MSC Camp David

Colonel Ron Rook


L to R: 1994: Co. B 3rd Plt at Quantico for Weapons Expo and 1994: Co. B 3rd Plt

1994 Bn Parade Staff
L to R: Darryl Self. If you remember the other men please let us know.

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