The 8th & I Reunion Association

An organization of Marines
who served at
Marine Barracks
8th & I Streets, S.E.,
Washington D.C.

Getting Together for the 50th Anniversary
of the First Evening Parade

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bailey 1
Lawler, Belew, Bailey & Cuffe
bailey 2
bailey 3
Lawler, Belew, Bailey, Zipadelli,
Harris & Cuffe
Moroni, Richardson, Zipadelli,
Bailey, Harris & Cuffe
pullo4 pullo3
The Barracks buses pick
us up before the parade
"Old Corps" Rick Given
meets Col. Roy J.
Batterton, CO of Troops for the
first Evening Parade
pullo2 pullo6
Almers, Reimers and Roseland
Reim, Pullo, Harris, XO LCol Miles,
Sgt. Maj. Watkins, CO Col. Lockard,
Reimers, Richardson and Lawler
reim 1T reim 1B

Col. Roy Batterton (age 89)
and his wife Joan
CO Col. Terry Lockard with Col.
Batterton. It was Col. Lockard's last
parade before his retirement
reim 3B reim 3C
The Battertons with Jack Badnya (l)
and Cliff Nevetral (r)
(clockwise) Col. Batterton,John
Reim, Betty Flick, Bob Flick,
Dave and Jo Pullo, Mary Lou Reim,
and Mrs. Batterton.
reim 6B reim 6T
John Reim, Manny Pinto, Russ
Curtis, and Maj. Joe Curtis
Reim, Maj. Curtis, Russ Curtis,
Dave Pullo and Merle Johnson
reim 7B reim 7T
(clockwise, from left front)
Mary Lou Reim, Jo Pullo, Merle
Johnson, Dave Pullo, John Reim
and Marilyn Johnson
(l - r) John and Mary Lou Reim,
Maj. Joe Curtis, Marlene Curtis,
Russ Curtis,Merle and & Marilyn
Johnson, & Jo and Dave Pullo
reim 9T reim 8
Reim, 3 Body Bearers, Pullo,
Richardson & Ruszkowski
(Marine (l) bench-presses 420 lbs.)
John Reim and Dave Pullo
reim MusT reim MusB
Quantico Museum Trip - Sears,
Miles, Reim, Harris, Kirven, Mryncza,
McCarty and Ruszkowski <
The "wives club" waits
inside the museum
JH_Oldest post - c JH_group - c
A Familiar Sight
Col. Batterton and
some of our early arrivals
JH_CMC House - c JH_Review - c
The Commandant's House
at dusk
50 years of practice
makes perfect!

JH_Flagpole - c

(Photos submitted by Nick Bailey, Dave Pullo, John Reim and Jim Harris)

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