The 8th & I Reunion Association

An organization of Marines
who served at
Marine Barracks
8th & I Streets, S.E.,
Washington D.C.


Our Mission Statement:

Marines who have served at Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C., the Oldest Post of the Corps, share a common experience unique to this historic military site which bonds them together in friendship both personally and professionally. It is the mission, therefore, of the 8th & I Reunion Association to promote, encourage and strengthen this friendship by providing a forum within which members can communicate, congregate and interact for the purpose of enjoyment and camaraderie. The Association's website, , facilitates the accomplishment of that mission.

Membership Rosters

The association relies heavily on email addresses to facilitate communication among members. Please update your email addresses and all personal information via the Join Application when they change. A current Member Roster will be posted monthly on this website. All personal information will be kept private.

$$$ Money - Money - Money $$$

"8th & I Reunion Association" does not collect dues from the membership. It is supported entirely on contributions made by its members. All supplies, printing and postage costs come from these monies. When making a contribution make checks payable to "8th & I Reunion Association". Contact Juan Escobar if you wish to contribute

Semper Fidelis !!!!!!

The following is the list of elected Board members for the 8th & I Reunion Association. You can find their email addresses in the Member's Email Roster

Congratulations to the newly elected officers at the 2016 8th and I Reunion Association Reunion.
Click here to read the impressive bio of our new President, Juan Escobar:


President/Treasurer - Juan Escobar

Vice President - Jim Sottile

Secretary - Albert Meyer-Pflug

Sgt at Arms - Brad Van Hazel


Webmaster - Corrina Wolfe

Membership Chairman - Kent Snyder

E-Mail Coordinator - Albert Meyer-Pflug

Facebook Coordinator - Albert Meyer-Pflug

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January, 2016

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